How to Celebrate Labor Day in Brooklyn, West Indian Style!

If you're looking for fun stuff to do Labor Day weekend, then you have to celebrate it in Brooklyn, with a West Indie flavor!

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching again.

If you’re in New York for the weekend, you have to head over the Brooklyn Bridge into the world’s greatest borough to celebrate, because in Brooklyn, we don’t mess around when it comes to partying on Labor Day!

This is thanks to the large, vibrant West Indian community in Brooklyn. Every year, for 51 years, there has been a West Indian Day Carnival, also known as the Labor Day Parade, here in the hood.

Over three million people come to celebrate every year, making it one of the biggest West Indian carnivals on the planet!

But the event is much larger than just the parade on Monday. There are things planned all week. Here are a few of them!

Island 2 Island: Friday, Sept 2nd

If you love SOCA music (calypso with an Indian twist), then you’re gonna love everything about this amazing weekend, because there’s gonna be loads of it.

On Friday the 2nd, from 4pm to 11pm, at the Brooklyn Museum, there will be a concert of live performances from SOCA artists and DJs backed with a live band!

Grab tickets here!

Presented by GBM Productions and Blackstar Entertainment.

Junior Carnival Parade: Saturday, Sept 3rd

As a prelude to the big carnival/parade on Monday, don’t miss the Junior Carnival, from 9am to 4pm.

It’s a colorful explosion of Caribbean culture and art, and it’s all performed by youth from age 1 to 17!

The parade—a festival of feathers, fabric, and fun, accompanied by the rhythms of SOCA music—assembles and begins on the corner of Kingston Ave and St. John’s Place, moving up St. John’s, taking a left on Franklin, a right on President St, and up to the Brooklyn Museum.

Don’t miss it!

Pan In A Minor: Saturday, Sept 3rd, 7pm

If you love pan steel drums and SOCA music, then you have to get tickets to this event.

You’ll hear some of New York’s best Pan Virtuosos, including Tyler Cohen & Friends, Unison Steel Orchestra, Island Interlude w/Andre White, Steel Sensation, Kendall K. Williams & Pan in Motion, and Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra!

Grab tickets, here!

Paintopia Jouvert: Sunday, Sept 4th, 7:00am to 1pm.

If you’re a morning person, or just wanna get your Sunday morning off to a real kick, then grab tickets to this event, a celebration with paint, water, and foam!

And tons of music by an all-star DJ cast: including Kevin Crown, Miami Dream Team, Tony X, Riggo Suave, Travis World & Major Penny, Milo Myles, Backyard & Xpo, Jr Cruiza & Selecta Jb, Paddy & Young Tec, and Dj Starkid.

At the Brooklyn Museum.

Tickets here man!

The Vibes Machine Amnesia: Sunday, Sept 4th, 3pm to 11pm.

If partying at 7am isn’t your thing, sleep in for a bit on Sunday, then come on out to the Brooklyn Museum for this Day Party, with all the beautiful people, smokin’ djs, kickin’ drinks, great food, and the coolest vibrations!

Grab tickets, now!

West Indian Day Parade/Labor Day Parade: Monday, Sept 5th, 11am

Here’s the main event!

The big Carnival/parade on Labor Day.

The procession begins at Schenectady Ave, and proceeds down Eastern Parkway to Grand Army Plaza. It is simply a spectacle you must see to believe, and one of the largest, most colorful events in New York, which is saying a lot!

Around 2 million people come to see it every year!

Fuel Up at Circa Brewing!

All that celebrating and partying is hard work. Make sure to come into Brooklyn’s up and coming brewery and restaurant for some amazing beer, cocktails, and food!

We’re famous for our beer, of course, but since it’s a West Indies weekend, sip on our Summer Fling (Plantation pineapple rum, orgeat, white peach, hopped grapefruit bitters, angostura) on our outside patio, where you can catch some rays.

Try our amazing, brick-oven pizzas, especially the Kapua Suite (gruyere, pork belly, pineapple, chili’s, scallions).

We’re also celebrating Teachers!

From Aug 29th through Sept 6th teachers get a 10% discount!

If you come on Saturday or Sunday, come early and grab Brunch from 11am to 3pm!


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