Brooklyn’s Best Craft Beer Can be Found at Circa Brewing Company

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If you're seeking Brooklyn's best craft beer, then Circa Brewing Company is where you gotta go. They have pilsners to porters, IPAs to Ales, as well as amazing wood-fired pizza and a full food menu made in their scratch kitchen

Because You’re Searching for Brooklyn’s Best Craft Beer

You’re on a mission: find the best craft beer. If you’re in New York, or coming to visit, then you gotta cross that famous bridge (you know the one), stroll down Brooklyn Bridge Avenue, take a left on Fulton, another left on Lawrence, and look for the yellow awning at #141. Because Circa Brewing Company has the best beer on tap, either side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

We’re not claiming to be the only great brewery in town, ohhh no. There are loads of amazing breweries in Brooklyn. We think you should try them all!

Drink beer at every tap in the old town! Heck, we have!

Just make sure you have a ride home. And that’s easy. There are so many subway stations within stumbling distance of Circa, you could practically fall down and manage to get back to your hotel! But before you do, make sure you come to Circa for the best craft brew in New York.

Hey, it’s not just us sayin’ it.

In 2020, we won the Rupert’s Cup Awards for ‘favorite brewery,’ ‘favorite bartender,’ and ‘Best Beer Week Event’!

Why? Because Circa Brewing is all about Fellowship, Food, and Fermentation!

Did Someone Mention Craft Beer?

At the heart of Circa Brewing in Brooklyn’s best craft beer, of course. And that’s what you’re really looking for. Our brewer, Mark Kulha, is crafting all the beers you crave: from pilsners and porters, steams to stouts, to lagers and IPAs.

Heck, it’s all in huge, steel barrels, right in front of you! You can watch the entire process from the comfort of your bar stool or table.

No stage fright here. We’re not hiding what we do. We’re proud of our beer and the process we go through to make it!

You’ll probably see sacks of grain stacked and ready for mashing. You’ll smell the mash brewing. There’s nothing like that smell, my friend. It’s the good stuff, kind of like coffee brewing in the morning, but better. It’s beer! But we’re serving up more than beer…

Cocktails too!

But maybe you had a rough day and want to start out with something stronger?

Don’t worry, our bartenders, (one of them voted best in NY in 2020), can mix up a mean cocktail for ya.

From our Flaming Hearts (Tanteo jalapeño tequila, Montelobos mezcal, passion fruit, egg white) to our Mistletoe Kisses (Plantation pineapple rum, allspice dram, orgeat, lime), we’re gonna knock yer socks off (who needs socks anyway?)

And that’s not all. Our bar is fully stocked, my friend, from hard ciders to Vodka to Bourbon to Scotch and all in between.

And Vino!

Maybe your drinking partner isn’t a beer nut? I know, hard to imagine, but it happens. We have them covered with a great wine selection, too: whites, reds, rosés and bubblys. Bring your vino lover along! We love drinkers of all kinds. It’s kinda like an extended family.

Fellowship, Family, Friends

When you walk into Circa Brewing Company, you join our family.

We love you!

We’re working our butts off to create a diverse community reflected not just in the beer, drinks, and food we make, but in the people we hire and serve. We consider you part of our family, the kind of family we all wish we had, but rarely do. We wanna know your name, the names of your brothers, sisters, cousins, in-laws and out-laws. Bring mama along, too! Drag the whole family in here for Happy Hour!

Hey, it’s 4 o’clock somewhere!

Monday through Friday, from 4-7 pm, we’re all kinds of happy! It’s the best time to come and try all of it! Why? Because we have kickin’ deals on our booze! Want the menu? Check it out the latest happy hour deals!

Of course, happy leads to hungry, right? You can work up a real hunger when quaffing pints of draft ale.

You’re in luck because we also make amazing food!

Food from Scratch, like Mama Makes

Order up some grub from our scratch kitchen!

Everything we make is from scratch because we care about the quality of our food as much as we do our hand-crafted beer. From tapas-style appetizers to plates piled with crispy wings, to salads, to burgers, to wood-fired pizza, we gotcha covered.

This is New York after all. Pizza is pretty much required…

We’ve got Margaritas, Salumi, veggie options, and more, but if you like it spicy, then you want the Boys Got Heat, with fresh mozzarella, fontina, topped with spicy pork sausage, red peppers, Calabrian chili, and don’t forget the Parmigiano! Omg, you gotta have it.

And to wash it down? You can’t go wrong with our smooth and bright Quality Control Pilsner, because it’s cold, crisp, and clean.

In Conclusion… Circa is the Home of Brooklyn’s Best Craft Beer

We know. Everyone claims they’re the best, well, everyone in Brooklyn at least.

Obviously, we think we make the best craft beer in New York (maybe even the world), but that’s really up to you to decide. Come give us a shot, drink a few, stuff your trap with hand-crafted wood-fired pizza, and then let us know what ya think!

We’re confident you’re gonna come back, and bring the rest of your family. Even mama.


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