Raspberry Beret Framboise

ABV 3.00% / IBU 10 / SRM 13


 Fruit beer has a long and proud history on the European continent. We have tried our best to flip all of that on its head with this beer. Looking to the West Flanders tradition we use a brown beer as a base for this Framboise, as it makes a perfect vehicle for all things raspberry. We used nearly 100 pounds of fresh raspberries throughout the brewing process to not only infuse the beer with a rich raspberry flavor and aroma, but to add beautiful red highlights to the beers as well. Sweet without being syrupy and light on the palette, the low ABV of this beer makes it a great starter or end to a meal. Try it with a shot of Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila for an extra kick!


$6 / 10 oz
$8 / 14 oz

To Go Only:

$15 / Crowler (32 oz)
$30 / Growler (64oz)