Quality Control Pilsner

ABV 5.1% / IBU 27 / SRM 1


Yellow, fizzy beer is what most people think of when they think of beer. While mass market, industrial lagers were the order of the day for the better part of the last century, craft brewers are now reclaiming beer flavored beer. Our best-selling, German inspired, American Pilsner is a simple recipe with two types of malt and one variety of hops goes through a thoroughly complicated brewing process and tightly controlled fermentation schedule to make a clean, balanced, crushable beer. With notes of oyster cracker, bread crust, and a pleasant earthy hop aroma all of the ingredients perfectly complement one another. Clean and unpretentious, this beer can be anyone’s gateway into craft beer. Pairs well with our truffle fries or spicy glazed chicken sandwich. 


$6 / 10 oz
$8 / 16 oz

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