Night Moves Nitro Stout

ABV 5.7% / IBU 35 / SRM 40


Few beer style names are as evocative as Stout. You know what you are getting, right out of the gate. Sturdy, robust, forceful, and unyielding; all adjectives that fit this beer like a well tailored suit. Brewed with a complex blend of dark malts, flavors of milk chocolate, light roast coffee, candied dark fruit, and molasses finish with a pleasant, earthy bitterness from a generous portion of Chinook hops. The body is deceptively light, paired with a low ABV to keep you coming back for another pint. Served on nitro for an extra creamy experience. Pair with charcuterie or a salumi pizza.


$6 / 10 oz
$8 / 16 oz

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