Lust for Life Kolsch

ABV 4.50% / IBU 20 / SRM 1


The best beers have to have good stories. After forbidding lager production in 1603, the city of Köln cemented ales as the official malt beverage of the free city. Kolsch as we know it today would come a few hundred years later when brewers started sneaking in lager beer techniques to compete with the rapidly expanding lager beer marketplace of Europe at the time. Pale and crisp, this beer retains the subtle fruity esters of ale fermentation, a pleasant minerality from a hard water profile, and just a bit of spiciness from noble hops. All of this, in conjunction with an extended cold conditioning period creates an unbelievably crushable beer. It’s kind of like the Champagne of Beers, but better. Pairs well with joining the Hanseatic League and haggling bog myrtle prices.


$6 / 14 oz
$20 / 1 Liter

To Go Only:

$15 / Crowler (32 oz)
$30 / Growler (64oz)