9 to 5 American Rice Lager

ABV 5.08% / IBU 15 / SRM 1


The much maligned American Macro Lager is what many people call beer. There is no reason Craft beer can’t reclaim this style and make it better, even if it doesn’t turn the mountains on the can blue. We make ours simply with Pilsner malt, toasted rice flakes (won’t fill you up, never lets you down) and NYS grown Cascade hops. Pale, light bodied, crisp, with a lightly fruity aroma this beer is cold lagered, cold filtered, and cold packaged so you can drink it cold. Did we mention it’s cold?


$6 / 10 oz
$8 / 16 oz

To Go Only:

$15 / Crowler (32 oz)
$30 / Growler (64oz)