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Beer Tasting & Classes

The beer world is full of styles and flavors in seemingly endless combinations. Have you ever wondered how we can taste the rainbow of beer? Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to taste beer? Did you know you ACTUALLY have 2 noses???

Well, in our inaugural class in our new series of educational events with our Head Brewer, you will learn all this and more. “Sniff and Swish: How to Taste Beer Like a Pro” will break down the anatomy of tasting, demystify the verbiage of flavors, teach you proper sampling techniques, and maybe even get you a little tipsy along the way.

Want to spice up your next office happy hour or team building event? Circa Brewing now offers guided beer tastings with our Head Brewer! Choose between 4 and 7 sample options and let us take you through a world of foam and flavors. Drawing on years of experience and practice, our Head Brewer will break down the beers to a level few customers will know;

Learn the ingredients, processes, and stories behind the liquid in your glass. Call for prices, availability, and reservations.

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